An Unknown Lift

So a new user just found something pretty cool… It’s a parallel lift of unknown origin, but looks to be built to handle some pretty heavy jobs. Know anything about it?

If so, click here and tell us!

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Who The Hell Is PowerTorque Tools?

So I’m in my local O’Reilly Auto Parts store and while waiting on the incompetent parts guy to look up the irrelevant year, make, and model of a part that I was looking for, I peeped something on the “impulse buy” rack that shocked me. A company selling tools under the name of “PowerTorque” had apparently ripped off my great uncle’s wrench design and are now hocking them at O’Reilly.

Check it out.

Rad Chinese made tool, right? Now, dig on the patent my family filed in 1915.

What’s old is now new again… Bastards.

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Rogue Supply Work Benches

So these folks have been emailing me for a few weeks about their workbenches. I get a lot of these types of email and frankly, many of them get ignored as how many reviews can I really do before I come off looking like some kind of a flim-flam man?

Anyway, I was looking for something to post about and, on a whim, went to check out these benches. Holy cow… They seem legit. Very heavy duty, seemingly well made, and I love the modular approach that Rogue took. Given what they are, the prices aren’t too terribly out of line either.

Details here.

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A Weird Snap On Box

The other day I was at an old machine shop in Austin and saw the strangest Snap On box. Essentially some form of storage was on three of the four sides – making what was essentially a mobile tool island. You gotta question the functionality of it, but the old fart that was using it said it was the best box he had ever had.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins