View Full Version : Craftsman 10 drawer w ball bearings tool chest combo - $275 +/-

09-04-2008, 10:56 AM
Haven't done this personally, but this deal looks pretty hot. If you sign up for the cash back rebate, it's even hotter.

Craftsman 10 Drawer, 26 in. Combo - Platinum

Craftsman storage combo with platinum baked enamel shell and black drawers. Features full-extension drawers with ball-bearing drawer slides, an internal locking system, full-width upgraded aluminum drawer pulls, recessed aluminum side handle and 5 x 2 in. casters with reinforcing caster channels. Chest# 59698 Intermediate Chest# 59797 Roll-away# 59699

Add all three items to cart HERE. ( 3&aff=Y&sid=I0084400010000100312&aff=Y) The Intermediate Chest will be free. You should see a $99.00 discount in your cart.

Go to the Visa/Sears promo ($25 off $250) here ( VISA/Sears Promo and click on redeem offer. This will take you to the Sears front page. Click on your cart which should have the combo chest in it and you should see the $25 discount with the total being $274.98 before taxes. (Word is you do not need a Visa account, and that any credit card will do.)

If you want even more savings, sign up at (

Now open up a new window and sign into your account. Go to the Sears store listing (2% - 8% CB) and click on go to store. Bring up your cart and check out using "pick up at store" option (to avoid shipping).

The cash back should be $13.75 (5%) and ought to show in your acct after you pick up the combo.

Your total should be $274.98 - $13.75 ~ $262 + tax on $274.98.

09-04-2008, 11:33 AM
Curse you!! I was soooo trying to avoid getting this (was actually looking at the black one on the SEARS main page this morning), but now I'm going to have to. I may get the Platinum since it's a bit different than the standard black tool box.

09-04-2008, 11:39 AM
.... sorry...

09-05-2008, 01:12 PM
not wokring for me...i didn't need it anyway!

intermediate was not free nor did the visa rebate reflect any change

09-05-2008, 01:32 PM
I'm exhausted! I just got back from *trying* to buy this. Ordered it on-line, store calls says they don't have the bottom chest, but they do have a floor model. They said call CS and see about cancelling the pick up at that store and order it from another. Called CS. They said the other store doesn't have it either. So...I go up to the original store where I was to pick it up. Turns out that they have the bottom - don't have the top except the floor model. Arrrggghhh! Have the other two pieces. Can I get the floor model top and packaged bottom pieces? Nope. Can I take the two bottom pieces and have a new top delivered? Only if I want to pay full price (since it's not a combo then). So they tell me they can have a full combo in less than a week if they order it in. This is after CS has told me that there aren't any in the warehouse. Store said there definitely is. So, I had them cancel the original order, and reorder (why they have to do this, I don't know). ETA now comes up 2 weeks out. Arrrggghhh!!

Whole time I'm talking to CS, she's complaining about what idiots the store people are. Store people are complaining about what idiots CS is. Apparently, they don't get along too well. I'm not sure any of them know what they're doing.

All I'm trying to do is buy a freakin' tool chest. Why do companies make it so hard to buy from them? I could have walked out of there today with what I needed, but now I have to wait two weeks, drive back again (store is 20 miles away) and pick it up. And honestly, I have a feeling that I'll get a call that they can't get it.

09-05-2008, 02:22 PM
This Saturday is Craftsman Club days, and you'll save an additional 10% off ball bearing storage. That's another $25 off.

The discount is now down to 2%, apparently.

09-06-2008, 08:34 AM
forget the rebate and online crap. you can get this deal in the stores monthly. I know exactly what set this is. that particular price and sale of the "buy top/bottom get the intermediate for free" is Sears most common Toolchest sale. It rotates between colors monthly. blue/black/red. I worked at Sears all through high school and college and sold hundreds of these sets. you can get the deal without signing up for anything