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It took 400 yards of concrete to complete the project. All cement is 6 ½ sack 4,500 psi mix and at least 6” thick including the garage floors. The front driveway is 16’ wide and 300’ long and a second driveway to the street behind my property is 250’ also 16’ wide. The apron between the garages is large enough that I can make a U-turn with my Avalanche pulling my 26’ car Haulmark Carhauler.

In order to get around city restrictions I had to build Two 26X38’ garages. That have 12’ 8” ceilings, also with 5/8 drywall, R-19 in walls and R-30 in ceiling. The doors are 16X8’ with 48” of high lift and LiftMaster jackshaft openers. Lighting is six double eight foot fluorescent fixtures. Both headed and air-conditioned by Armstrong units.

The 30x50’ pole barn existed when I purchased it. The entire inside of the barn has 2” thick polyurethane foam insulation, which I’ll paint white once I take everything out. I installed the drop ceiling with acoustical tile. Then stiffened up the loft and added the 42” wide wooded stairs. They were seconds and cost me $40.00. I increased the 10x10’ door to 14x12.5’ to accommodate my 40' motor home.

The John Deere tractor may look like a toy; but she proved her worth trenching all the utility lines. The tractor can do anything his big brother’s can do,, just little bits at a time. It is a four-wheel drive three-cylinder diesel and runs all day long on 5 gallons of gas.

I owned that scissors lift for 20 years and only paid $500.00 for it. .

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