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When I pulled the county electrical permit they said I had to pass a test in order wire the place myself. I may not be a certified electrician, however I have wired homes and factories (3 phase 480 Volt 2500 Amp) for 40 years. And no one was going to tell me I couldn’t do something! Being challenged and knowing they wouldn’t allow me a second chance to take the test, I purchased a new NEC book, studied it for a week and passed with flying colors. Would you believe that if I took the statewide test, I could use the code book? But I couldn’t use it for the county. BTW the secretary there told me few residents pass the test.

I installed the 400 Amp 240 Volt single phase meter box with Unistrut between two 4” diameter steel pipes sunk 3 feet in the ground incased in cement. The 200 Amp load center in the house and one 200 Amp load center in one of the garages are fed from the meter. The other garages and the pole building have a 100 Amp load centers that are fed from one of the 200 Amp boxes. All buildings are fed with 2” underground PVC pipe.

I had to pay the gas company many $$$$ to have a 4” mainline extended a quarter of a mile to my property. I installed a remote gas meter then ran a 1 ¼ high pressure yellow plastic 250 feet to a step down regulator at the closet garage. That fed the 2 unattached garages and the pole barn. A tee was installed in the high pressure line and a 1” line run to the house to another reducing regulator. Off that regulator I fed the attached garage addition.

The house was all electric and had a Traine electric heat pump. I converted the resistance heading section to a natural gas. The gas isn’t fired up until the outside temperature go below 32 degrees.

Oh did someone say that I forgot about the bathroom? Well this is what I just finished. Complete with a whirlpool bath.
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