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Originally Posted by Wile1Coyote
Fan bloody tastic! Tell us about some of the problems you had. Other than the Moron building dept we all have those. LOL!

Wow. I want it!
Most problems I encountered were normal obstacles that one encounters with any project. Overcoming them is learned from past life’s experiences. However dealing with the self-serving beaurocrasy from the city and county far outweighed anything else that I encountered. Sometimes you just need to ask or call the right person for help. I needed to clear a some trees to make room for the new garages and driveways. My skill to fall trees came many years ago from my father. I guess that I didn’t learn my lesson well from him. A slight miscalculated and a 50 high Maple landed against the high tension wires. There is nothing to fool around with 7,000 Volts! So I called the electrical company and they expediently removed it. They didn’t even charge me anything.

On a funny note. One of the neighbor’s potbellied pig kept getting out of his pen and would chase me or one of my workers. He was high strung and sort of cantankerous. As a joke one of my buddies, that is a hunter, painted a white bullseye on his side. We never saw him again. I guess that the neighbor got the hint.

Having the right equipment and or knowing how to improvise will make a job go easier and faster. The scissors lift is quite a time saver on this project. I worked alone quite a bit and it would save lots of ups and downs and made it easy to reposition myself. Let alone not having to climb ladder all the time. I mounted a boom on it and used it as a crane to install the three Armstrong HVAC units and the stairs. I even pulled all the underground wires by myself. Have you ever tried to pull three # 000 THHN and #4 ground through 175 feet of 2” conduit? It also made a breeze putting up the Aluminum siding, Drywall, installing gas and airlines, wiring, lights, and painting. I have used it to set trusses in the past; but I called in a crane this time.
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