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Default Re: The Harbor Freight PASS/FAIL Thread...

Chris, well thought out reply and I agree that paying more for the same quality is foolish. You got customer service at HF and not HD or Lowes. Your lucky, I haven't gotten any service at any of them. What part of the country are you from because around Baltimore customer service at most any discount retailer is nonexistant. I ask because in some areas folks care, around here most don't. As far as a retailer coining the phrase " you get what you pay for" you are probably right, but it has most times been true for me. I can't think of too many exceptions, but I'm sure I had some. I just know that I've bought many tools the second time because I didn't buy good enough the first time. Also, I am 51 years old and have been around long enough to wear out a lot of stuff (including my knees, back and eyes) and definitely had a different opinion years ago. But that's ok, because diverse opinions is what makes this forum fun. Good luck and God bless.
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