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Default Re: The Harbor Freight PASS/FAIL Thread...

Originally Posted by fatfillup View Post
Chris, well thought out reply and I agree that paying more for the same quality is foolish. You got customer service at HF and not HD or Lowes. Your lucky, I haven't gotten any service at any of them. What part of the country are you from because around Baltimore customer service at most any discount retailer is nonexistant. I ask because in some areas folks care, around here most don't. As far as a retailer coining the phrase " you get what you pay for" you are probably right, but it has most times been true for me. I can't think of too many exceptions, but I'm sure I had some. I just know that I've bought many tools the second time because I didn't buy good enough the first time. Also, I am 51 years old and have been around long enough to wear out a lot of stuff (including my knees, back and eyes) and definitely had a different opinion years ago. But that's ok, because diverse opinions is what makes this forum fun. Good luck and God bless.
Have to laugh at your description of yourself. OK, I’m a little older, but dang, also worn out knees, back, eyes and sadly heart so I can relate to ‘wearing things out’.

We needed better quality control, or at least a warranty on our bodies, heh?

I’m in Southern California. Here, it’s the big stores that don’t want your business. It’s mostly because Southern California is about 80% Hispanic and they don’t want Anglos in ‘their’ stores. I mean, REALLY don’t want Anglos around. Big chains can’t control this behavior but smaller stores either don’t wait on Anglos or give good service to everyone, depending on the manager. Example, we have 3 local Kragens parts stores. Anglo are welcome at two, distinctly not welcome at the third. Nothing about Kragens, all chains get this here. Just goes with the territory, it’s a cultural thing.

If you were here, I would show you dozens of really high quality cheap products I own, and dozens of high priced junk items I also own…

My wife would agree with you, but then, she’s a Cadillac owner/driver, a Nikon camera person, and an AKC dog owner if you understand me.
Me, I'm a Suzuki, Ford, Chevy and mutt kind of guy.
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