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Default Re: The Harbor Freight PASS/FAIL Thread...

These tools don't get abused too much, I tend to buy name brand stuff if it's going to be used all the time. With that said...

1/2 inch 24" long breaker bar - Pass

14" cutoff saw - pass but marginally. It's good for smaller work, but I've done 4" square tube that has 1/4 inch thick walls. the weakest point on it is the hinge which can really change the angle of the cut. keep meaning to machine a new plate for it to sit on.

magnetic parts tray - pass

3/8" swivel stubby ratchet - epic win the 1/4" one is awesome too.

auto-darkening welding helmet - Pass and a half! probably one of the better purchases I've made, ever. This greatly improved the quality of my welds and I got it on sale to boot. I've had it for years now and it still functions perfectly.

security bit set - pass I have yet to break one of these, I don't use it all the time but it has paid for itself when I've needed an obscure bit.

multipurpose angle finder - pass I got this not too long ago, but already I think it's worth its weight in gold...even if it doesn't weigh much...hmm, I guess that expression doesn't work so well here.

3 piece scraper set - epic fail I got this in a pinch and was kinda sketchy about it in the store but they were out of the other scrapers. upon its inaugural use, the handle snapped and embedded the blade into one of my knuckles. The only reason the other two pieces of this set are still in my tool box is that I'm afraid they'll explode if I disturb them. I wouldn't touch these even if they had boobs.
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