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Default Re: The VISES of Garage Journal

I just pulled this one out of storage a couple days ago:

It's a Kurt D-80 "Angloc" machine vise with the optional and rather uncommon swivel base. It's about 250-275lbs and it's yet another thing I need to rebuild around here.

It's actually in very nice shape, I have the impression it wasn't used very often as there are no divots of shame in the jaw faces and only one minor divot in the leadscrew cover. (A prime example of why milling vises are NOT drilling vises!)

I don't think Kurt makes vises this big anymore, which is unfortunate.

I'm ashamed to say, I don't actually own a bench vise. Every one I've ever touched I've broken. But, I do have the beginnings of a fabricated steel vise. Starting with the stick of 1" Acme rod and some hefty flat.
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