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Default Re: The VISES of Garage Journal

Anybody could make a case I have vices.
Since I already showed my big Wilton bullet, here are some more.
In case you haven't guessed yet, I am not the prissy clean type. Too many irons in the fire at any given time for excess cleanliness. Although considering what I do in a day, this is actually pretty clean and well organized from what what it -could- look like.

My woodworking/cabinet bench. The traditional vise at the rt end is custom homemade, the Columbian at left restored.

Here is my metal working bench. Couple of vises with assorted jaws, different levels of padding for fine work.
Punches and chisels were mentioned the other day. If you look close all around, you can see about 50 pounds of them in this picture. And this ain't all!
There are about 30 --pounds-- of hand files lurking around the perimeter of this shot, dozens of different patterns and sizes from honking big hoggers to delicate sub-needle sizes, all in separated cloth bags or wooden trays to keep them sharp, ready for work. Files are often underrated as precision metalworking tools. I use about every kind of commonly found power grinder too, but when it comes down to it, there is no substitute for a sharp file.

Maybe 20 pounds of pliers and shears nearby? Who can have too many??

Over to the right side is the beginning of maybe 10 pounds of screwdrivers (they are lightweight after all, takes several to make a pound !! heh)

This little vise is well suited for small work. It was one of those pitiful vacuum mount hobby things with plastic parts. I mounted it to a block of wood I clamp in a larger vise and machined steel parts to replace the plastic.

A cheap Asian cross vise, trued up, slop greatly lessened, and mounted to a homemade mini drill press table for precision locating and light milling etc.
It drops right in after pulling the regular table, for near instant setup!

A miniature woodworking bench for making miniatures of course. Designed and homemade complete. The vise swivells and has drop in top jaws for angled/curved work.
Yes those are Chippendale cabriole legs with ball and claw feet, about 1 1/4" tall.

I know there are more vises around here.
yours Scott
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