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Default Re: My brand new 50 year old drill press!

Originally Posted by Keep View Post
That looks like a ton of work. I am in the process of building a "Low speed attachment" basically its another step pulley that mounts to the center tube. Once I have it completed I will post some pics. You can actually purchase them from the manufacturers but they run about $250!!, should cost me about $30 to build one.

What you posted would work great, but man that takes a lot of room.
The circa 1950 Cman drill press I got from my grandfather came with the multi-speed attachment,

drill press

single belt setup

remove column cap

insert multi-speed pulley (motor pulley still needs to be flipped over before belts are put on)

additional pics,

The paperwork is amazingly in like new condition. My grandfather was VERY meticulous and kept all paperwork/manuals for his tools in folders. All attachments/tooling were kept boxed up when not used with all separate parts together. He gave me this drill press and many other tools as he was dying. I've had the drill press since the summer of '97 and he passed away that December.

He wanted someone to take care of them. My uncle (his son) took the table saw, lathe, bench drill press, grinders, arc welder and many other misc. stuff before he gave me the floor mount drill press and other remaining stuff. My grandfather was royally pissed when he found out my uncle was just selling/giving the stuff to friends, ect. He was even more pissed when he found out that some of the stuff was just left in my uncle's pick up bed for weeks/months getting rained and snowed on until my uncle decided what to do with it. He's one of those individuals that the pick up bed is a dump and just throws things in there and forgets about them until he needs the space or someone asks about it..........or it just disappears when the truck is left parked somewhere.
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