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Old 03-15-2012, 02:29 PM   #21
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Default Re: Seeking info on fire sprinkler systems

Lots of good knowledge shared here. Cderalow, I think you have convinced me to scrap the whole sprinkler idea. This is going to be a cash build- no borrowed money- financed by the net proceeds of the sale of a couple pieces of property (read: not exactly a fortune). Plus, I have never built anything like this before, and with the amount of planning, research, and decision making it requires, I don't need the added huge can of worms you and Frank and Moonrise have described... and with what you describe it sounds like it might not fit my budget anyway. Or at least, it's several thousand dollars that can be better used elsewhere. I'm already dreading deciding every faucet, doorknob, outlet, and cabinet. I don't need to add any more cocky inspectors that get their jollies out of nitpicking me into an ulcer; there's enough of that already for the foundation, structure, septic system, etc.

I think those unmanned extinguishers are my answer. Frankly, I'm not excessively afraid of fire; I'll have all new wiring, I know how to be careful with flammable liquids and fumes and sparks, practice good safety, and disconnect power to all cars stored inside. That, plus extinguishers, plus the odds in general, will keep my fire risk extremely low. Mostly I was concerned about when nobody was around, and the unmanned extinguishers are a good answer to that. Nothing is perfect, but that will be pretty close. Being that this is my own desire and not a code requirement, my path seems pretty clear.

Thanks again all. This thread produced a perfect answer for my situation. I had never heard of those extinguishers, and they will give me what I want and save a pile of effort and cash.

When the shop gets done, you are all invited for beer and pizza- my treat!

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Old 03-19-2012, 11:00 AM   #22
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Default Re: Seeking info on fire sprinkler systems

This has been an extremely informative thread. The City is requiring that I also install a "fire suppression system" (any detached garage 500sqft or larger.) I was looking at a dry chemical system but the cost for those looked to be HUGH. The fire dept. inspector told me that they are only interested in keeping the fire knocked down so that it doesn't spread to adjacent structures and that water was sufficient for that. Looks like I'll need to get some more information.

Knowledge is knowing that F=ma. Wisdom is knowing why that is important.
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