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Default 72-year-old couple building a barn (garage/workshop)

Thought that some of the DIY people might like to see what a couple of old enthusiast, with no regard to those that say you can't, are in fact doing.
As the title of this thread says we both turned 70 just a few months ago, we were 69 when we started this. This project is located in Arkansas, where we moved to in 2007. Bought this nice little cabin cause my wife just plain loves it. My problem with it was it had no garage, workshop or any space for extra storage. She said "well than build something"
Most garage workshop buidings in this area are metal buildings on a poured slab, I didn't think that was much of a challenge nor would it go with the house or the property very well.
Original idea was to build a pole barn and pour the floor last. This got altered because of the rock ledge under the only useable area. So I had to build the site up put down the floor and build up from that. Also wanted to do a bit of post and beam type of construction and have in fact incorperated that into the framing.
Arkansas has not been the best place to atempt this. 2009 has been the wettest year since they have been keeping records. (1882) Also when it is hot it is very humid as well. But it is what it is and we are working thru it.
Other than having to have some help to bring in the 13 loads of sb2 fill and level it and to get three real nice locals to actually do the cement pour. (didn't feel I could handle that much cement by myself) All of the rest has been done by us. When I had to do a heavy lift or some other task I would build a device to help us do it. Linda can not lift much and doesn't do well with high places. It takes a lot longer but it is ours and we enjoy it.
I will try to add some pictures, this is my first time on here. We also have over 700 pictures of the project on our website, but not sure we are allowed to link that.

Above; This is a shot of how the interior will look.

Above; This picture shows the project as it sits as of today. (Dec.2009) To see how we got to this point continue to scroll thru the pictures. I have put up a lot of pictures but not all that will take you to where we are now. Not sure how many I can post in one sitting. If this works I will add the rest either as a edit to this or as a new post. Thanks for looking and hope we are able to pass along some ideas.

Above; It will take 13 of these to level it out and base for driveway.

Above; Drains for gutters were laid under driveway area.

Above;Fill done and leveled and trimed.

Above; Starting to dig the footings for the monolithic pour. We let the fill sit for two months and some heavy rain. Boy that stuff gets hard. All hand dug.

Above; That was hard digging and it was hot too. Note; Water level in the center of pad.

Above; Forms done and sprayed with release oil.

Above; Had it sprayed for termites etc. a must in this area.

Above; Plastic, rebar and wire screen. Ready for cement.

Above; Setting post and sill plate anchor bolts.

Above; Finnally something to build on.

Above; Tarred below ground level.

Above; Now it is ready.

Above; This is what I am building to be able to lift the posts and beams into place, so that we can do it by ourselves.

Above; You can do a lot with a good wife and some c-clamps.

Above; Will be going up on this a lot so put in a stairway.

Above; Base is done, next will add second story and the hoist.

Above; Adding top A section. Bottom attached with some gate hinges we had.

Above; Using a com-a-long to pull top A up.

Above; Two inch sch.80 pipe thru the A's.

Above; Hoist lifted and put into place with com-a-long.

Above; Ready to do some work. Lin has named it Derrick!!

Above; Layout for center section rafters.

Above; Making a template for center rafter gussets.

Above; Rafter gussets precut from template. Short ones on top are for gable ends.

Above; Doing the cut for the birdmouth. Using a real true 2 x 4 as a guide.

Above; Rafters cut and ready to assemble.

Above; Love my nail gun. Also laid down a line of construction glue before nailing.

Above; These 12 ready to use, but will be put in a storage bay until we need them. 5 more to make that will be the top of the cants. Check out Lin sweeping up. Every step is cleaned up, she just plain makes it all work.

Above; This one is for the front gable end and has a support to hold a decorative beam.

Above; Built these router jigs to notch out the main posts. Made out of an old table leaf that was left from previous owner of house, and some scrap pieces.

Above; 17 douglas fir posts that were in Texas and shipped up here. 16 footers. Best 10 will be the main posts in the center, 5 will be cut in have for outside posts, 2 will be cut into brace pieces. All were real nice but a bit expensive.

Above; Posts graded and marked as to which will be used for and where.

Above; Braces being cut from the two selected posts.I use a DeWalt compund mitre saw that I alltred to get more depth of cut.

Above; Saw guide to make cuts on ends so that will fit into notches in posts. These are cut with a Milwaukee framing saw.

Above; This is how these will fit.

Above; Using the previous shown jigs with a router to notch the post. Douglas fir machines real nice, throws out a lot of chips.

Above; Post with first notch ready to be fitted with brace.

Above; Only nine more to go.
To continue to see the project go to page two of this thread and we will be posting as many as we can. The program has a cutoff of text at 10,000 so it seems that the way I am doing it I can only put apx. 40 pics in one post. Or as always you can view the whole project at www.ninetyninesigns.com . Enjoy.

Last edited by NASMAN; 10-30-2011 at 10:40 PM. Reason: added 15 more pictures.
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