Delta Model 37-207 Jointer

So, I’ve gone off the deep end… When I started this whole “wood working thing,” my idea was to keep it simple and aimed at a system that could do basic cabinetry work and still be collapsed and put away in a minimal space when not in use. ¬†And then, like I typically do, I got deeper and deeper into the craft and began to obsess on the vintage machines those before us used.

My buddy Curtis, who is responsible for restoring all of my heavily used vintage equipment, then stumbled across a Delta Model 37-207 jointer made in 1952. It was in rough shape, but it was a rare short bed version on an early base… and that appealed to me because it gave the machine a smaller footprint. Plus, this particular model jointer is widely regarded as one of the best 6″ jointers ever made.

I couldn’t help myself. I bought the damn thing… And while I don’t have a use for it as of right now, that’s going to change. I’m gonna fall further down the rat hole. And when I do, I’m only a thickness planer away from being prepared.

In any case, check it out:



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