The Shipping Crate

So the fire mess is all cleaned up and I finally had a chance to do some actual work in the shop. I decided the best thing to do was to build something simple that allowed me to use most of my newly acquired Festool collection. So, I built the simplest thing I could think of – a box. The above video shows ya how I got along.

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Surviving My Own Stupidity…

So yeah… I’m an idiot..

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My Festool Foundation

Part 2 of the series is out… This is the last of the sort of introductory videos. Next week, I’m gonna start building something with all of this stuff and see what’s what. So, stay tuned…

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Festool Meets A “Mechanic”

So, I’ve been flirting with this idea for a while now and essentially, here’s how it went down:

My wife has been wanting some built-in cabinets in our dining room and a couple of months ago, we started fielding quotes. They were outrageous… Like, REALLY outrageous. So outrageous, that I began to ponder the idea of building them myself. The only problem (besides my complete lack of knowledge and experience working with wood) was that my shop simply wasn’t outfitted to work with wood. And frankly, I didn’t like the idea of converting it because of two main factors:

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FastCap Tape Measures

So I’m getting ready to run a video series on some wood working tools and while testing my lighting and what not, I did a quick review on a couple of tape measures I recently acquired. They are cheaply made, but really damned handy. The video above gives my full impression.

You can buy the lefty/righty here and the flatback here.

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Plastic Bins